Debate roundup

There's a couple of interesting/hilarious follow-ups to last night's debate, but I assume that by now you guys know to just read Eschaton or Daily Kos yourselves.

But to briefly filter that which does not filter, there's a CSPAN
of Cheney chilling with John Edwards that contradicts Cheney's assertion that they'd never met, and Cheney instructed millions
of Americans to go to, a decidedly partisan (but in a good way) site run by George Soros, for the "truth" about his Halliburton record.

Because I don't feel like writing anything new, here's my conversation with Petey last night:

(23:38:11) lithumman: What a shitty debate

(23:38:12) elleon: Gettin' my fake news on.

(23:38:25) lithumman: The debate was still shitty

(23:38:47) lithumman: Although it would have been better with this:

(23:52:06) elleon: yes

(23:52:12) elleon: i agree

(23:52:24) elleon: though i think the part where you can't say a certain name or phrase is a good idea

(23:52:28) elleon: keeps everyone on theirs toes

(23:52:33) lithumman: I suppose

(23:52:50) lithumman: It was just a shitty debate. Bad moderater, bad questions, bad performance by Edwards

(23:53:14) elleon: the problem is that they told them ahead of time what name they couldn't use

(23:53:19) elleon: it needs to be a surprise

(23:53:26) elleon: and they lose like 15 seconds if they use it

(23:53:32) elleon: but there can be power-ups too

(23:54:03) lithumman: Like if they hit the turbo button

(23:54:10) elleon: if they break open their podiums then things like lead boxing gloves or whirlwind attacks should pop out

(23:54:39) lithumman: Yeah that would be excellent

(23:54:51) lithumman: I think they should have played Super Smash Brothers on stage

(23:54:52) elleon: and the third debate should be held on a tiny platform in the pacific that is only accessible via glider

(23:55:02) elleon: i was going for monkeys in balls

(23:55:21) elleon: bush might win though 'cause he kind of looks like a monkey

(23:55:29) elleon: while john kerry looks like a muppet

(23:55:36) lithumman: A little bit

(23:56:22) elleon: kerry would have to use the daring gambit of showing up on stage without a ball, and saying that bush didn't properly fund the protective ball armor he needed before sending him to the debate

(23:56:36) lithumman: That would b interesting

Yes, if you talk to me online, there's a good chance I will put it on my blog.


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