Thanks for hanging chad, Neil (Bush)

So Halloween was fun. I hadn't done anything in 15 years or so up until now. I went with the White People to a party dressed as a hanging chad--"CHAD" written on a piece of masking tape on a llama wool yarn around my neck. Very funny, but it resulted in people calling me "Chad" a lot, which got annoying. The hanging chad now lives on my Schrecken Llama, which seemed appropriate given the isnad of the yarn. Here's a picture. The costume was Sarah's idea; she went as the terror alert system with appropriately coloured clothing, and Ryan was the Patriot Act, dressed up as a old-school Patriot, complete with a redployed pirate hat with Bush's face instead of a skull and bones.

I've decided that next year I'm going to wear a sign saying "META" instead of "CHAD".

Before all that I went with the Kerchners to the MTA's Transit Museum in lovely Downtown Brooklyn. That was another thing that I hadn't done in 15 years. It's a great museum, primarily if you're interested in looking at a bunch of subway stuff. Here are some photos that Josh took of that.


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