Okay, this time's for real: Adam and I found a new apartment. (They have a check of mine for several thousand dollars, so I certainly hope it's for real.)

It's on Court St. in the heart of Cobble Hill, and is a fourth-floor walkup much like the current flat. The layout is very similar, but it's in much, much better condition (brand new appliances, bathroom, floors, etc.) and has a motherfucking covered balcony/terrace/porch (nomenclature pending). We are going to grill everything and more of everything out there. The views from the back are of the Williamsburg savings bank and from the front you can make out some of lower Manhattan.

It's a shorter walk to the regular subways and to walk, and right around the corner from the F train at Bergen St. Move in should be December 15. I'm very happy.

There are some pictures here, though
they'll presumably take them down at some point. We got the place for $2100 rather than the $2300 listed.


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