Blog status

Well, I've kind of been feuding with the current Systems Administrator at the Spec who kind of thought it would be a good idea to disable my account on the server that 34 used to run on for reasons of his being a jerk. I've moved things back, yet again, to the server in Adam's room, which is fine except for the fact that a good number of people have trouble accessing that server. If you're reading this now and I haven't moved things back yet then hi, you're one of the lucky ones.

I'm going to keep things like this for the time being, as a more sympathetic regime will be taking over at the Spec in a couple of weeks. Or maybe I'll just move things over to Blogger like everyone else, which I'm reluctant to do because it's not nearly as nerdy and I hate using Google technology (or at least technology Google purchased with their scads of Google dollars) when I could use something more homegrown.


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