Crock of cookery

The Times goes all out by providing not one but two pieces of almost-useful advice in their Dining In section (not to be confused with my coincidentally named Dining In section) today.

Their article on chef's knives hits the mark by pointing out that yes, chef's knives exist, and they even deigned to include a photograph of my particular favourite chef's knife, the W├╝sthof Classic six-incher. The article does polite society a disservice by stopping short of pointing out that you cannot, under any circumstances, cook without a decent chef's knife. So please don't do it. Attempting to do so is what gives people the impression that cooking is difficult.

The other article of note concerns frying. It rightly points out that frying is no big deal provided that you have the proper pan (go with a solid 12" non-stick deep pan, which has plenty of uses other than frying). Curiously, it neglects to mention frying tip #34. Water splattering into hot oil should be your biggest concern whilst frying.


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