Hips like Cinderella

As mentioned previously, I bribed my roommate into cleaning the bathroom recently by cooking some steak. Here's the recipe:

  • soy sauce

  • minced garlic (not from a jar, idiot)

  • minced ginger (not dried powdered ginger, idiot)

  • fresh ground black pepper (buying pre-ground pepper not being as bad, but why would you want to?)

  • London broil

  • endive

Marinate the London broil in the soy, garlic, ginger and pepper mixture for a couple of hours. Put it in the oven. Cook it at 375° for a while, maybe 25 minutes, depending on your conception of time. Finish it off with 3 or 4 minutes on each side in your broiler (which you have, even if you think you don't, under the regular oven-y part of your oven).

Slice it up and serve it on top of endive leaves, which will make it look nice and distract people from the fact that they are eating something fundamentally Not Healthy. I served it with homemade french fries as well, but there's no reason to go to all that trouble unless your bathroom is really, really disgusting. Mine was.

Here's a picture, via the nerd-phone. The bluriness added to the flavour.


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