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Because I am hurting for content, here's something from the archives about the labour rats.

It's May Day and the giant labor rats are out on Montague St. One of them in front of a Bank of New York and a less-giant giant labor rat is in front of a Cohen's Fashion Optical. The eyeglass shop is right next to a Citibank, and my guess is that's the real target, but the Citibank has cleverly erected a protective sheath of scaffolding to foil the giant rat people.

One rodent, the larger one, has a sign reading "Boycott Treeline Industries" hanging from where its teets would be, though the simulacrum is thankfully teetless. I feel compelled to boycott Treeline Industries; I am of the school of thought that if a giant rat tells you to do something then you should do it. (This school of thought might be described as progressive, or as paranoid-schizophrenic.) Unfortunately, I have no idea what Treeline Industries is, and what their relation is to the Bank of New York. To be safe, I'll avoid the Bank of New York, and Citibank, unless I need some cash.

The smaller rat appears to be wearing an inflatable Yankees hat, which conveys an even more ambiguous message.

There are also throngs of high school kids out from the local private schools, and some of them resemble rats.

I don't think I understand labour politics.


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