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So, I, uh, just sat and watched four straight hours of 24. It's clearly not as compelling as 34, but still... I had gotten hooked at the start of the 2003 season and managed to stop watching it because back then I had to make an effort to actually be by a television on Thursday nights (or whenever it's on), but with the DVR that's no longer an issue and I could just binge. I did break up the first two hours with Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Home Videos, which in this context is something that I'm proud of. I assume it won't be as bad for me now that I'm caught up and only have to watch an hour a week, but I'm pretty sure my blood pressue isn't in a good place right now after watching the four.

I was so close to just forgetting about it this season and deleting what I'd already recorded; within the first 20 minutes or so
someone mentioned a plot to "crash the Internet," which I took to be obvious babble, but then they went on to talk about how some wily
Turks had taken control of the NAT tables of all the major backbone providers, and yes, I
guess that actually is something that could do
something analagous to crashing the Internet. It would not let them stream hostage video to every desktop in the world, as it did on the show, but I work in Multimedia Engineering now (goodbye faxes!) can appreciate the novelty.


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