Tuscan white bean and sausage soupiness

(This recipe has nothing to do with Tuscany--ed.)

I made some soup last night. It was very good. Here, in this very bloggage, I'll tell you how to make it and then perhaps you will make it for me sometime. I'd like that.

  • bit o' celery

  • a carrot

  • an onion

  • an Italian pepper

  • some hot Italian sausage--about four links

  • a quart of chicken stock--the blander the better, since there's plenty of flavour elsewhere

  • 3 cans of white beans (cannelini)

  • rosemary and fresh black pepper

Chop up the celery, carrot, onion, and pepper. Put that in a large soup pot with a little bit of olive oil and let that cook a little
bit over medium heat; meanwhile, crumble the hot Italian sausage into the pot and let that all cook some more, until the sausage isn't revolting. Add the stock and the three cans of drained and rinsed beans. Do nothing to prevent that from cooking over low heat for 30-45 minutes. I took a masher and mashed up the beans a bit in the pot before it got too hot. That let out some of the starch and made the soup a bit thicker, but you don't have a masher (let alone an immersion blender), so you won't be able to do that, will you? Anyway, season it with a little bit of dried rosemary and black pepper, and serve with some good bread.



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