We've got pictures!

Never to be outdone by FFH, I've got some pictures of my own.

Sarahs, a truly lovely friend and a lovely artist, was good enough to paint me this lovely painting as a house-hottening (I think that was it) present. It obviously isn't being done justice sitting on my floor like that, but as soon as I get myself together and buy a bedside table I'm going to hang it over that. The desire to hang the painting is a strong motivator towards bedside table-purchasing, so we're not likely to repeat the situation with the actual bed.

Also recently photoed is this Lindsay Lohan commammarative ketchup, first mentioned in an earlier report. Much like the original Not Green, this ketchup was purchased whilst
attempting to shop for legitimate condiments. The other day Josh was talking about how his girlfriend Jacqui said he could have sex with Lindsay Lohan (am I allowed to write that? She's 18, right?) if he somehow managed to arrange that, and while I don't know how that's going, gifting him with the ketchup seems to be in order. So I bought it for him.


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