Vagaries of Publishering

I was walking to (or at least in the general direction of) work this morning and saw a truck double parked. It must have been a media truck of some sort because there was a huge advert for Sly magazine affixed to the truck's side. In general, things with huge adverts on their sides are associated with the media.

Analogous to O, the magazine written, designed, and printed exclusively for Oprah (who's powerful enough to demand that Mary Gordon provide her with personal book recommendations, it turns out), Sly is the magazine for Sly (Stallone). I am not sure if you are allowed to read it if you are not Sly Stallone; I have trouble enough making it through the New Yorker each week, so I will probably take a pass on Sly regardless. The premiere issue of Sly is summarized on the ever helpful, just in case you're interested and can't find it on your local newsstand. Mind the advice on the bottom of the page: "When you do a web search for Sly Magazine, you find that it is a publication about women's shoes. It has nothing to do with this magazine at all." If only, Sly. If only.

This post, like many of my Google blogages, is rooted in
bitterness; I used to have a funny magazine, and then it died. Sigh.


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