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Well, I'll probably keep this as the new home to 34, if nothing else to to calm the markets. If being a semi-Economics major taught me anything it's that the markets like certainty.

Strikes against Blogger include the fact that it's part of the well-documented Google megaplex that will, mark my words, own all information everywhere inside of five years. Also I don't think there's a convenient way for me to blog from my nerd-phone–at least not yet, but I do have some ideas for programming a solution to that. I also miss the ability to categorize posts into different sections. How will you know that a recipe I post is food-related if it's not marked Dining In? And here's a little blogging secret: I used to come up with the category first, and the actual content second when writing a new post. Now who knows what I'll have to resort to for inspiration.

But anyway, here we are. You can update your bookmarks to point to, and your RSS feeds to point to At some point in the very near future I'm going to modify the Blogger template so that it uses Haloscan for comments instead of the built-in Blogger system, as it allows for nifty RSS feeds to keep tabs on new comments as they come in.

Also on the to-do list is to get the old URL to automatically redirect to this new site (which is dependent on de-lobotomizing the server sitting in Adam's room) and creating a URL that points to the archived version of the old 34 (dependent on the same).


  1. Woohoo! Welcome to the teat of Larry and Sergey. I'm pleased to see you picked the same template as the old FFH. Keep it as it is for a few days at least so when I post the new redesign I can have something to show the evolution of FFH's look.

  2. It's lucky you have Anna to publicize your blog moves. It's very meta posting about blogs within blogs within blogs within head is swirling.

    I read that you could post voice blog entries from your phone. You can try that. Also, you can set up your template so that you get comments emailed to you. FYI.

  3. Why no typepad? Why no yahoo 360? Just wondering. I am glad about the RSS syndication though. Hello Bloglines.


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