Wham you might like to drink, were you me

Sometimes I drink tea, and sometimes I drink beer.

I buy my tea from Upton Tea, because I am in the know. Get yourself a teapot with a built-in infuser and buy loose-leaf tea. I can recommend the Jasmine Flower by way of Greens, and you probably need an Earl Grey (taken with milk and sugar/honey, of course) as well as an Irish Breakfast. Jasmine Pearl tea is fairly expensive, but worth keeping on hand to impress the sort of folk who are impressed by tea brewed from jasmine flowers wrapped by hand into tiny little pearl-shaped nuggets.

As for beers, I am very much partial to the Brooklyn Brewery line. Wintertime brings with it Brookyln Monster Ale, a Barleywine, which means no one likes how it tastes except for me and Adam (and I think Adam is just humouring me). During the rest of the year I'm partial to Brooklyn Brown Ale. I just bought some Brooklyn Chocolate Stout from the beer shop down the block (I love Cobble Hill) and that's a nice seasonal brew as well. It does taste something like chocolate, but it also is 8.5% alcohol (not exactly the Monster Ale's 11%, but not shabby), so I don't feel like too much of a wuss for drinking it.


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