Apple Pot Roast

I'm on Passover cooking duty this weekend. Normally we do something random the first night and go up to my cousins' in Inwood on the second night, but we're having a bunch of people over tonight and I'm obviously doing the cooking. The matzoh balls, which I've never made before (I'm forgoing the mix, natch), are an experiment for later today, but I took care of the soup and the pot roast yesterday. The soup isn't anything interesting, but the pot roast seems to have come out okay.

  • one brisket, as large as you'd like it, though it really should fit in a pot

  • an appropriate amount of apple cider; this depends both on the size of the brisket and size of the pot

  • carrots

  • onions

  • celery

  • garlic

  • one apple

  • a few whole bay leaves

  • ground pepper and salt

Roughly chop up the onion and garlic, and add them to the pot with a thin layer of the apple cider (or apple juice, for the gauche). Start that cooking on a medium flame. (Trim the fat off the brisket if you'd like. I didn't like, but my mother got upset about this.) Season the brisket with salt and pepper on one side and put that side down in the pot. Season the exposed side with salt and pepper as well. Let that brown for three or four minutes and then flip, letting the other side brown too. Add enough apple cider to cover the brisket comfortably, and continue on medium-high heat until it comes to a boil. While that's heating up, chop an appropriate amount of carrots, celery, and one peeled apple, and add them to the pot. Add the bay leaves too. Once it reaches a boil, turn the heat to low, cover the pot, and let it simmer for at least two and a half hours. I think I cooked mine for four hours yesterday, and I will cook it for another half hour or so before dinner to heat it up. The meat gets ridiculously toothsome, and when it comes time to cut it up and serve it, it should pretty much be falling apart.

It's best to serve the meat with some starch, like mashed potatoes, and spoon the gravy and stewed vegetables (and fruit) over it.


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