Better than watching I (Heart) Huckabees on DVD again

I saw Sin City (thank goodness Google has movie metareviews now; I was afraid I might have to get some information from a non-Google source...) last week, which was the first movie I'd seen in a long time. I don't have a particular affection for the work of Frank Miller, other than owning an unread copy of one of his Batman graphic novels, purchased to round out the comics (erm, graphic novels) section of a bookshelf overloaded with Calvin & Hobbes. People at work were talking about it, though, and I have a tolerance for on-screen violence, so what the hey?

The standard disclaimer being that I don't like reviewing things in general, I'll just say that it was much as I expected, which is fine: I liked the dark atmospheric effects, the stories held together enough to move the action along, and overall, it didn't suck. There's a very good chance that anyone who still reads 34 would be completely disgusted by the movie, so I'm not going recommend it or anything.

What I'm really looking forward to is the new Chris Nolan-directed Batman Begins, which looks to owe a whole lot more to the Tim Burton Batmans than the whoever the fuck directed the other Batman movies Batmans.


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