Farfalle with Broccoli Rabe

I made farfalle (or bowties [or varnishkas]) with broccoli rabe and other good stuff for Adam and myself tonight, because I am the best roommate there can be. For those striving for culinary, if not moral, superiority in your roommate-relationship, or marriage, or whatever fine mess you've gotten yourself into, here's the recipe:

  • one box of farfalle

  • one bunch brocolli rabe

  • one green onion

  • a few cloves of garlic

  • two plum tomatoes (or other tomatoes, but produce in New York is often sad, and plum tomatoes are usually the only decent ones)

  • a jigga of white wine

  • some olive oil

  • romano cheese of the I-have-just-grated-this-myself variety

  • bread or whatever

  • one bottle of barleywine

Cook the farfalle, which is something you could handle without any further instruction. Meanwhile, sauteƩ the chopped onions, and after a few minutes add some thinly slices cloves of garlic. Rinse off the broccoli rabe, chop off the very bottom of the stems, and then chop the stems in half so that you have one leafy half and one stemmy half. Add all that to the pan along with the jigga of white wine. After a few more minutes (barring any temporal wackiness) the broccoli rabe should begin to wilt and the pasta should be just about done. Add some diced tomatoes to the broccoli rabe, strain the pasta, and finally mix the pasta and sauce together in a bowl of ample size.

Serve it with bread and some freshly-grated hard cheese. If you're me you'd drink a bottle of barleywine along with the meal, but I do that with most meals, so perhaps it doesn't count. Or counts extra, but only if you're me; I'm not really sure.


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