Nutella on matzoh: this is a good thing. Better still is if you have some fresh peanut butter (get Bazinni if you could find it) and shmear that on top, too.

I associate Nutella with Italy, but according to the label, Nutella in America is produced in New Jersey. It's mainly peanut oil with various degrees of hydrogenation, complementing the peanut butter on a deeper level. I'd like to try Italian Nutella. There's something satisfying in purchasing something that's traveled several thousands of miles, and eating it. Every thousand miles traveled by the Nutella atones for a mile that I do not run to burn the calories; the act of grocery shopping becomes the purchase of indulgences, for every sense of the word.

(I am rereading White Noise now, because enough people have asked me what my favourite book is recently and I think that's it, but I want to be sure. It's fantastic, and the best scenes involve the deconstruction of the modern supermarket.)

Upon my return to the States from my months in London I spent some time looking for McVitie's Digestives. (You can obviously buy them online, but that's hardly the point. Food shopping is the one thing I will never offload to the Internet, for the reasons mentioned above, FreshDirect be damned.) The allure is similar to that of Nutella–the consumption of something that has made an effort to get to you–but even beyond that, I appreciate the linguistic distinction. They are not, in any way, cookies. They are digestives, or perhaps biscuits. Cookies are junk food that should be eaten in moderation, but something known as a digestive can do no wrong to the body, delicious chocolate coating and all.


  1. Sounds like someone is pining for a Nutella gift from Europe. Good, I was going to get you something more extragavant and expensive, but this will do.


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