Oh, the Blogs You Will Read!

Since I'm much, much too lazy to figure out Blogger's templating system just yet and do things like add links (or adverts!) on the side, here's some transitory linkage.

On the off chance that you didn't get to 34 in the first place via links on either Free-Floating Hostility or Sevilla: The Blog by Rich and Adele, there they are.

In the category of blogs by people I don't know, I check the RSS feed for Gothamist periodically, and it's updated quite often, occasionally with interesting stuff about New York (or at least Brooklyn and Manhattan, which is New York, natch). Cooking for Engineers is something I've mentioned before, but I've not ceased to be impressed with how they use HTML tables to lay out their recipes. To pull out another random one, Drunken Blog is great for lengthy (usually Macintosh-themed) technology writing. And McSweeney's is reliable source of writing that is funny.

While not bloggish, MLB.com's Flash-based gamecasts are the best out there, and are open on my desktop all day at work.


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