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One of the things I often do is pretend to speak French; here's an attempt by Scotter, who is vacationing with his wife in Paris, to type French. I have no qualms about posting his private mail on the 'net because Scotter refuses to read anyone's blog, ever.

<zell; zeùve ,qde it to <frqnce; qnd this keyboqrd is qwerty; not the usuql azerty; so things qre q little strqnge: <<<<<<iù, not going to try to trqnslqte; iù, just going to count on you being s,qrt: I took q zonderful pictureof ,e qnd so,e po,ple,ousses for Jeffy: See you soon: Love you qll: Iùll tell you one thing; the <<<<<< is zhen I hold dozn the shift key: Peqce out:


  1. European keyboards are hard to use. I am not a Robbie Scholar, but I think I am doing a pretty good job here.

    P.S. Scott sucks.

  2. ciowkehoaic siwo diocka eioc sl California keyboards miekC! Tgeusk gef. Wioa wuioa?



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