Rabbit, rabbit.

Many bands ask themselves "Have we a cellist?" and are forced to answer "No, we have no cellist." and cease to rock. matt pond PA cleverly dodged that morass by... employing a cellist in their band. It's probably fair to characterize their music as cello rock, not that that's a bad thing. I'm a fan of their "The Nature of Maps" and somewhat less of their "The Green Fury". They put on a show last weekend at North Sixth up in Williamsburg, where the ninja and hipster aesthetics collide in a cosmic game of rock-scissors-paper: Converse sneakers beat trucker hat, shuriken beats trucker hat, shuriken beats Converse sneakers. Why anyone continues to play trucker hat is beyond me, and as always, going to Williamsburg packing shuriken is a good move.

Also notable in the music kingdom is the new Kathleen Edwards album. Adam, who really gets a kick out of being mentioned in 34, turned me on to her when her first record came out, and the new album is just as good. She doesn't have a cellist, but she does play country-rock/rock-country, so that's something. We were going to go see her in concert last month but it was the same day as the Interpol show, and despite the plaintive emails Adam sent to her manager via the link on her website, she didn't reschedule. Which is a shame, because she probably would have wanted to see Interpol too.


  1. Tired of saying "Rabbit, rabbit" on the first of the month simply on Banana's say-so, I checked every isnad (for great accuracy) and was able to come up with some sort of explanation behind the superstition.

  2. You know, I was originally taught "Rabbit, rabbit, hare, hare." I thought it was just a prep school thing until freshman year when I picked up my phone on the morning of November 1st to hear a very earnest Andy saying "Rabbitt...rabbitt," determined that he should not say "hello" first and thereby bring himself bad luck. But I'm not sure that was an explanation as much as historiography.


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