Great moments in Publishering

Effective early September, all of my posts criticizing David Brooks will magically become super-premium content, and you'll need to pay me a couple of bucks to read them. Then you'll have to pay $50 more to read the offending column.

The charge is wiaved for readers who maintain a physical friendship (well, not [necessarily] physical, but not electronic) with me, unless I find out that you've been talkin' shit about me or something. Then it's so on.


  1. I think this is a bad business decision on the part of the Times. People get a kick out of reading people that confirm their own viewpoints for free. But I do not believe the public will pay to read these people write the same thing everyday. Maureen Dowd just does not bring that much to the table. On a more sociological note, isn't it odd as blogs, such as 34, have acquired such a prominent role in distributing news and opinion around the web by offering their content for free, the New York Times decided to start charging people to read opinion pieces? Pretty soon Paul Krugman is going to need his own blog to remain relevant. I heard Tommy Friedman has a bunch of guys in India posting to his as I type.


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