It's French, bitch

The New York Times is reporting that Stephen Colbert is getting his own mock talk show, following the Daily Show each night. I really should be at work by now, but this is probably the biggest thing to happen in my life, at least in the past several years, so stay tuned for more bloggage later.

...and thanks to the twins mysteries of time and editable posts, we're back. I realize that I don't really have much to say about The Colbert Report, other than I'm sure it will be immensely entertaining and I'm very happy to have an extra two hours of quality TiVo-age each week. Colbert is by far the funniest correspondent (his Rick James story from last night was brilliant) and is the only one who can sit next to Jon Stewart and crack him up during their expert discussions. I can only hope that "This Week in God" will be segueing over to the new show.


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