Ms. Columbia

I read with some amusement in Gothamist today about the Ms. Columbia contest (obligatory Spec article here), an online beauty contest dealy. The thing is, I know one of the two site organizers, having recruited him for a full time position at work once his graduates. He's a good guy, very much into photography and technology, and I'm not going to weigh in on whether setting up an online beauty contest for Columbia girls (with bonus lingerie and wet t-shirt pictures) is a smart way to spend the last few days of one's college career. Still, I'm rather surprised that he shut it down due to what seems like a small amount of public protest; did he think when he started it that no one was going to object at all? Maybe I should try to interview him, though that would bring 34 dangerously close to the legitimate media establishment.

Back when I was in London training with some folks from the Tokyo office I remember them showing me this website for the Miss Kawaii competition, or something like that. Apparently college beauty competitions are a very established thing in Japan, and the winner of each college's competition moves on to some national tournament. So Japan is apparently a different place than New York.


  1. I am just disappointed they could not continue the contest by having students vote for a contestant based on the statements of the disappointed student models that are still on the site. That would be a very "Columbia Way" of choosing Ms. Columbia. (This will get picked up by a Fox News outlet.)

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Eeeew. Eeeew. Eew. Eew. Eew.


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