Muffins of affliction

My roommate Adam, fresh from a sojourn at his estate in the Catskills, brought back a bag of what's commonly referred to as "junk" from Wal*Mart. I gather there's a Wal*Mart up there somewhere. Adam has been known to buy frozen rabbit stew meat from Wal*Mart (which, when you think about it, they shouldn't be selling in the first place), but there just seemed to be bagel chips and granola bars and corn muffins in this bagful.

Toasting a corn muffin and putting butter on it isn't really a recipe, but if you've never tried it, go and do so. It helps if the muffins are evil, but if you put on enough butter it really doesn't matter.

Adam also points out that he got his mother a $25 kitchen clock from Wal*Mart for Mother's Day, and it's "the best looking clock ever, with raised numbers and shit."


  1. This just occurred to me. Does Adam have a blog? And, at the risk of calling the kettle black, why not?

  2. Sorry Dave.. no blog for me.. I'm afraid I wouldn't have much to say... and it would be poorly written and my punctuation is awful.

    Well I didn't have a blog.. but before I could post my comment here I was forced into making one.. so now I have a blog and will periodically post to it. But don't expect intelligent ramblings.. expect pictures of old houses, old cars and old friends.


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