Now on 34: Art

For a while (say, the start of May until last week), there were chalked in shadows all over the sidewalks of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. By chalked in shadows I mean that someone would go around and draw chalk outlines of anything that cast a shadow on the sidewalk. This provided crucial information as to whether a given mailbox was a vampire, a reverse-vampire, or worse. I documented it halfheartedly, thinking that with all the Bloggists in the neighborhood (hell, I've got one in the next room), not to mention the Gothamist prowling the area, someone must have written them up already. But Google says no, so I guess this is a 34 exclusive. With the rains this weekend came an end to chalked in street art (Ellis G. should have chosen a less ephemeral medium for his street art), so I guess that's the end of that.


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