On meat sandwiches

A Hamburger Today is a blog about hamburgers (when?) today. I like hamburgers. If you've been following AHT for any period of time, which I really haven't, but I can read the archives, you'd have been surprised that they only got around to an In-N-Out posting today. Blue 9 Burger, the closest I've had on the East Coast to In-N-Out, was reviewed a few weeks ago. Their take on the employees of the two burger joints: "In place of Blue 9's 'troubled teens messily running our store' vibe, In-N-Out is a vision straight out of Happy Days." Ryan is totally Richie Cunningham.

I've meant for a while to check out the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park; now that they're open late for summer hours I'll hopefully get the chance. And I'll take a picture of my burger there, since I seem to take a picture of everything nowadays.


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