After much sitting on my ass and not getting the nerd-phone replaced for one with a working camera, I got off my ass and got the nerd-phone replaced for one with a working camera.

I'd already set my Flickr site up, and they've got a nice email gateway for posting pictures, so maybe I'll start photo blogging there from the phone when the situation calls for it. Check out the page or subscribe to the RSS (or Atom) feed for new stuff.

Recently added are some photos of Tim Hawkinson's massive organ. I was walking around the city with Eugene, killing some time after seeing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (which maybe I'll write about separately and maybe I won't; Zooey Deschanel's alarmingly large eyes deserve mention regardless) before Ryan's retirement dealy, and he remembered that there was a giant floating organ somewhere in the neighborhood. The nerd-phone's web browser helped us locate it right next to Niketown. Dude really just ripped off the fish Scotter and I had hanging from the ceiling of our living room in Woodbridge senior year; Hawkinson's played music, which was very cool, while our fish just kind of hung there, busy being a fish.


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