Teeth Like God's Shoeshine

Modest Mouse played Central Park tonight, and I was there with an entire generation of Kerchners. I like Modest Mouse a good deal, which, I'm not sure if that's something that one has to defend, but I'm not going to anyway. The setlist was skewed towards tracks off of their most recent album, Good News for People Who Like Bad News, which is understandable and all right, as it's a great album (perhaps not the best of 2004, as Adam maintains, with Interpol's Antics also having come out last year). They incorporated some (slightly) older stuff into the mix, notably "Dramamine", "Breakthrough", "Paper Thin Walls", and an 8-minute or so jam of "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes" which worked reasonably well, as far as 8-minute jams go. Ending with "Doin' the Cockroach" was an odd choice, and we were privately and ineffectually lobbying for "Talking Shit about a Pretty Sunset".

All in all, a nice time was had. I followed the concern with a brief sojourn to the UES to visit Ryan on his birthday, which is over now, but that just means it's Dave's birthday. Happy birthday, each and everyone one of you.


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