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I wish the legacy 34 archives were still up somewhere so that I could link to all my previous postings about time-related articles in the Times, which are my favourite things. I could also link to the bulletin board postings containing my arguments in a class discussion about determinism and causality in David Z. Albert's class back at Columbia. But that's all gone (if you consider things from the past gone), so linking to tomorrow's mishmash of a Science Times article about time travel, complete with David Z. Albert quotes, will have to do.

I stopped reading the Science Times years ago, when my high school science-nerd-lab teacher stopped assigning us weekly article summarization, because I really don't think they do just to most of the topics they try to cover. The article might serve to get people to realize that time is a fundamentally interesting concept that isn't nearly as straightforward as one would naturally assume, but when every other paragraph attempts to summarize major developments in classical and quantum physics, the overall effect is be-muddlement.

I forget who the last person to ask me whether I was planning on going to grad school was, but it was someone recently. I have no intention of going to grad school, but if I am for some reason forced to (say, to avoid the inevitable draft when bombs are still exploding in Baghdad five years from now), it'll be for the Physics of Philosophy, or the Philosophy of Physics, or whatever the program is called at Columbia.


  1. We discussed it, but I didn't ask you when you were going. In fact, I believe I argued to you that color coding, while great fun, is not in itself a good reason to go to grad school.

  2. I wasn't sure if my conversation with you was the latest or when one of my mother's friends asked me on Sunday was. I am not one for accurate chronologies (see above).

    But you are right about the colour coding. I'd totally mess it up, anyway.

  3. Do you remember which Muppet I thought David Z. Albert sounded like? I forget.

  4. The Swedish Chef, no, because he made absolutely no sense when he talked?

  5. It was Kermit, I remember now. Dude sounded just like Kermit the Frog. And they quoting him in the paper! They should have mentioned that in the article: "Noted physics-guy David Z. Albert had the following to say like Kermit the Frog..."


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