Torta, torta, torta

Ryan, Sarahs, and puppy came down to the beach in Coney Island on Sunday. It was a grand ol' time. I prepared some salmon and what I believe to be a torta-thing (though I might be wrong) while they were down. The torta came out very well, I think.

Here's what I did:

I sautéed spinach with some salt and olive oil in a large pan. I took the spinach out, added more olive oil and a lot of crushed rosemary, heated that up, and semi-fried some thinly sliced potatoes. Then I put the spinach back in, added about 6 beaten eggs, and put it all in the oven at an ambiguous temperature (my mother's oven believes that kinetic energy is best pondered in the abstract) for an ambiguous amount of time (I believe that time is best pondered in the abstract). When it all came out it had set nicely and was easy to slice off into wedges.


  1. oh yeah, that comment was left by me. ross. but i don't have a blogger account, so i think i have to post anonymously.

  2. Ryan pointed out that I don't mean "torta", but rather "tortilla", which is what the Spanish call such omelettes. Ryan is a big nerd.


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