Even Jeff Gannon got in a few zingers

Yes, Karl Rove is probably not going to get tried for treason. I have no idea whether he'll even get kicked out of the administration, though if he doesn't, that's going to take some Karl Rove-grade spinning. But at the very least, le nom de Plame affaire (is that right, Banana/Sarahs?) has given the White House press corps a spine. It's an amazingly entertaining read–the parts about Rove, I mean.


  1. Mmm...are you trying to translate "the affair of the pseudonym?" If so I think you're going for "l'affaire du nom de plume." I am fairly sure the word plame does not exist in any language.

  2. Well, it was meant to be a pun on nom de plume, except that this spy chick's maiden name is Plame.

    Either I am very bad at French puns or you are. I am going to take the linguistic high ground here.

  3. Google Translate sez: The torta, it is me.

    So either you're very bad at French in general, or Google Translate is. I am going to back you on this one, though.

  4. Tourte, though it literally means torta, figuratively means dumbass. My post was a pun on "L'etat, c'est moi," which is incorrectly attributed to Louis XIV, and which means "I am the state." King Louis actually said "L'etat, c'est a moi," meaning "the state is mine," but that's comparatively obscure and less useful for punning.

    I am excellent at French. I took it for seven years and got a 790 on the Achievement Test. I also did a large quantity of Sarah's french homework at Columbia for fun since my language requirement was waived on account of my skeelz.


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