On matters spacial

It was maybe last year or the year before, but Bush used some time in his State of the Union address to talk about how we were all going to go to Mars soon. I think it was sandwiched in between $5 billion to fight AIDS in Africa and hydrogen cars on his list of priorities.

I haven't been to Mars yet, and NASA's been subjected to criticism on both sides of the aisle for becoming increasingly irrelevant–there's a greater chance that a creepy rich guy will get you to Mars than NASA. NASA, for their part, is trying to curry favor with the administration's by toeing the "let's blow shit up" party line and, well, blowing shit up.

Personally, I'm looking forward to space elevators, which will be exceptionally cool.


  1. A space elevator is a perfectly doable project for the next couple decades. My friends all tel me I'm nuts whenever I mention it.
    - Sol

  2. I'm definitely not joking about the space elevator either.


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