A Review of a Film

When Adam and his sister went down to the BAM Rose cinema last weekend to see Me and You and Everyone We Know I passed, as I seem to recall it getting tepid reviews, and I have a natural, survivalist bias against performance artists. (The writer, director, and star, Miranda July, is a performance artist.)

But Adam liked it a lot, and taking a cue from my Huckabees jihad, embarked on a effort to get, well, everyone he knows to go see it. I agreed, and saw it with him down in Cobble Hill earlier this week.

I do have to agree with Adam (despite any lingering resentment over Huckabees), and say that it was a good movie. It did reaffirm my aversion to performance art, as the scenes in which July videotapes herself doing what I assume is her normal schtick inspired a visceral repulsion (I exaggerate a bit). The rest of the film is a series of vignettes with linked characters and they're usually well done; much of the laughs come from either cute kids talking precociously or outlandish physical action rather than the normal dialog, which does sound suspiciously like it was written by a performance artist. But I walked out of the theatre entertained, so I guess that's what counts.


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