If you walk out of my apartment and onto Bergen St., and then walk down Bergen St. a bunch, you'll get to the "The Pintchik Oracle" (or at least you would a year ago; I haven't checked recently). A hardware store on Court St., True Value Bruno's Home Center/American Houseware and Appliance Center (formerly a R.C. church, Our Lady of Excessive Naming Conventions), recently put up a sign of it's own.

It has yet to say anything like "Borough President Marty Markowitz loves Brooklyn." despite the fact that Borough President Marty Markowitz's office is about a hundred feet away from the store. It really hasn't said anything cool in all the times I've walked past it; it usually displays the time and weather, which just reminds me of how I'm late for work and hot. My hope is that Bruno manages to recruit Jonathan Lethem or Paul Auster to do some oracular freelancing, and show Jonathan Safran Foer how we do it in Cobble Hill.


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