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I'm (obviously) not the only one following the Google Talk scene. There was a Slashdot story today linking to a blog post in which someone doubts that Google is going be as open when it comes to federation as they'd have you believe. The gist of the comments on that post, which I tend to agree with, is that Google just introduced their service last week and would be making a mistake if they just left the door open for any old Jabber server to federate with them. They have a process for other Jabber servers to federate with their server, and presumably as the weeks pass we'll see some announcements about that. IM spam ("spim") is nowhere near the problem that email spam is (my old AIM screen name would get one or two messages a year), but the downside of a completely open federation model is that there's nothing stopping someone from setting up their own Jabber server and hammering Google Talk users with spim.

More interesting is this post on DrunkenBlog (which has quickly become my favourite Mac-centric blog) in which various rumours about the future of IM in general are delved into. I have no idea how accurate the rumours of a AOL/Microsoft/Yahoo! alliance against Google are, but hearing that the companies are talking doesn't surprise me in the least.


  1. I wish it were Christmas and we were in an empty dorm ordering Ollies and drinking lots of Coke and Sierra and you kicking my ass in Smash all day long, even with my best characters, even with Mewtwo.

  2. Well, I love you too, Scotter. I'm glad that you're reading 34, but I'm not quite sure you understand how blogs work...

  3. I get it, I just thought this was easier than making my own fucking blog just for a paragraph. Isn't this fun?


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