Taking it to the streets

Whilst moving Ryan & Sarahs's ("Sarahs" not being plural, of course) furniture first onto East 94th Street and then into a logistics van for transport to Cambridge, Dave and I decided that we were going to co-author a fashion blog. I forget why. We thought it a very funny idea at the time, and I still think it is, but Dave appears to be reluctant to actually go ahead with blogging.

I am hereby gauging public support for such an undertaking. I don't know whether Dave is more or less likely to go ahead with it if there is public support, as his primary concern seems to be that people will actually read it.


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  2. If Dave had a blog, I would read it. I would even refrain from gratuitous profanity, even though that's not really how I roll.

    If Dave were posting about fashion, however, I imagine Anna would read and comment regularly.

    Me? I'm just waiting to buy my diet pepsi truck so I can be like Sean (Don't call me Puffy) Combs.

  3. Anyone who wears Red Sox caps can't have a good sense of fashion. That is so 2004.

  4. As the designer of the Hanes T-Shirt with "Abercrombie + Fitch" scrawled in black marker across the chest, Dave has the strongest claim of any among you to the title of "Designer." I await your analysis of Marc Jacobs' Fall collection and the return of cap sleeves (I for one say hooray).

  5. I took a look at Mark Jacobs fall men's line. As Michael Wilbon would say, "It' ahaight." He combines the New England Prep School look with Hipster New York influences such as skinny ties, tight sweaters, and horizontal striped shirts. I would buy one of the jackets, but not anything else, because none of the other items brings any value to a look. I was struck by how hard it is to evaluate clothes when they are on very skinny, scrawny men. Since I have my Dad's shoulders and like lifting weights, I could not see myself in any of the clothing. Maybe Jeffy and I need to go to a store and try some of these pieces on with the trusted camera phone.


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