Why was last night different from all other nights?

An anonymous KTA writes:

Because by the end of the ballgame, all three Jewish Sox were on the
field. I don't know if any of them ate reclining, but they were
definitely playing baseball.

This is definitely a blog-worthy event--the Sox led the majors in
Jewish players with two last year (Gabe Kapler and Kevin Youkilis),
and with the addition of Adam Stern (who's also Canadian), they have
what must be a league-leading and impossible-to-top THREE Jews. Big
news if you ask me! I look forward to reading what 34 has to say.


KTA's mail refers to August 8th's game.

34 has the following to say: Jews or no Jews, the Red Sox sweeping the Rangers is not cool.


  1. 1)Yes it is cool.
    2)Someone should put up a three away sign (even though I know none exist), because the Sox are one Jew away from fielding the Four Sons, also featured at the annual Seder.
    3)Maybe this is Theo's contribution to Money Ball Theory. Unlike past baseball wisdom, which would not take Jews unless they looked like Hank Greenberg, Theo will take a Jew or 2 provided he has the right OPS.


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