Ass clowns: Where are they now?

As if to taunt my continued inability to win the New Yorker cartoon caption contest, this past week's issue features Alisa Baer, "The Car Seat Lady," in The Talk of the Town. I spent two years in Lit Hum and CC with Alisa. If you're the sort to make a sign that says "Please Fasten Your Seat Belt" and hold it up in your window whenever you pass a car with unbelted passengers then chances are you're the sort to Google yourself, so I'm not going to say anything about her (apart from this post's title). Well, just one representative anecdote: I seem to recall her arguing with our CC professor over something in the Bible–the New Testament, mind you–because it didn't gibe with what she learned in her high school. (There are cool pictures of a young Joey on that page, by the way.)


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  2. You know, I suddenly can't come up with a single anecdote about her from that class? I just remember her standing up a lot cause her back hurt. Was she perhaps the victim of a poorly fastened car seat in her childhood? Or adolescence? Who from our class do you think will be the next to turn up in the New Yorker? And don't say Seth.

  3. I am very offended. I am not an assclown. I just possess an unnatural devotion to the child safety seat. And Spambots. I love spambots.


  4. I think I will be the next person to turn up in the New Yorker when I win the fucking cartoon freaking caption f'ing contest.

    For some reason Seth is on my buddy list, and for some reason every one of his away messages are quotes from Zoolander. Very odd. I don't think you get in the New Yorker for that.


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