That which was old is new again ('Stend edition)

Tonight was more recruiting up at Columbia, the details of which I shouldn't blog about. What I should blog about, however, is my return to the West End with the rest of the recruiting team following the event. We were fucking carded! By the waiter at our table! And we're grownups! I told the dude that I spent many, many years drinking underage at the West End, and he kind of laughed, then spent a really long time looking at my driver's license. They really are cracking down.

There is of course no more Blackstar at the 'Stend, but whatever they're charging for pitchers of Brooklyn Lager doesn't seem quite as much when your Managing Director is picking up the tab.


  1. I went to the 'Stend after the tabling event at Columbia too. Of course, my shift was over at 11:30 AM, so I was pretty sauced when I got back to work...


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