Who is want to lose to Bloomberg I could nominate?

Say what you will about the New York City democratic primaries (and I'm not particularly expecting you to say much), but Anthony Weiner looks just like Ralph Nader in this photo from the Times. Like, Ralph Nader about to be abducted by the mothership (where's your seat belt now, Ralphie?).

In other news, one vote, simple majority elections continue to suck. The Democratic mayoral primary goes into a runoff if no one gets above 40%, I think, but runoffs suck too.


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  2. Like the aforementioned commentator, I like shoes. I don't see the connection though. I would not recommend visiting anysite that has "getmyinfo" in its address without a better segue.

  3. Not so much Nader as someone with a detachable head.

  4. I don't know how I feel about all these strange people reading your blog, Duder. First the shoe person, and now Goldman?


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