America's Next Top Load of Crap

My faith in Tyra Banks and the UPN has been tarnished. I was one of your last supporters, T, and you let me down.

The stupid panel eliminated sexy sexy Kyle, my favorite from Day One. NEVER MIND that she was by far the best-looking girl on the show -- tall, with fantastic curves and just an undeniable hotness about her. She doesn't a) weigh 50 pounds and have bug eyes, b) look like a 40-year-old man, c) have ears the size of record albums, or any of the other unfortunate shortcomings of her competitors. Tyra wants to reward "edgy," I suppose, which seems to translate to "ugly".

My money is now on Kim, a sentimental favorite of some 34 readers. Adam thinks they slated "the lesbian chick to win from the first day," and he may be right. Girl just needs to learn how to stand up straight and stop working her androgony into conversations about, like, what she had for dinner. And, also, she's by far the biggest shit-talker of the group. Tyra will sit you down soon and tell you in a heart-to-heart, Kimmy, no one likes a catty model.

If Nicole wins, I'll be annoyed too...because well...she's just dumb.

We'll miss you, Kyle. Long live the Dairy Queen.


  1. Yes, Sheryl, Nicole is very dumb. And speaking of dumb, Kyle's life's work is waiting for liquid cherry to dry. And that's not me painting her with that brush- that's pretty much how she described herself to the Elle women. She can't model because she doesn't even understand when people try to explain to her what to do. She had to go, Sher. She had to go.

    I also want to say that I too think there is a good chance that they are setting up the lesbian for a big win. I find her really annoying. Although I must say, pretty. And I saw her at a bar last week. (Just had to get that in there.) I bet it will come down to her and Nicole, because everyone else just has huge problems (as you mentioned).

    Not that I care about this or anything, though.


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