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The Rachel Ray profile in the Times has gotten everyone's attention (well, what passes for everyone). Sheryl opined, after reading the article, that she kind of really likes Rachel Ray, which I kind of let pass. I don't hate Rachel Ray, necessarily, but I do think she is hurting America. No, I don't really even think that. She is fucking annoying, though. She makes cooking more accessible, true, but you could argue that Doritos makes corn more accessible.

I am pretty sure that I could put on a better cooking show than she does. My current plan is to figure out what the deal is with digital video cameras nowadays, figure out whether my aging Powerbook is up to the task of editing video, and hopefully put up some sort of show on Google Video. Or, you know, not.


  1. Okay, I'm not going to invite her to cater my wedding or anything. And I certainly wouldn't want to be friends with her.

    She has a cringe-worthy high-pitched giggle and tells awful jokes. She's such a cheeseball. But she's cute and unashamed to be a complete geek. Giada, Paula Deen, Mario...all the others move with such grace. Cooking, for the average person, isn't that well-timed and effortless. It's messy and clumsy. She shows that.

    What Jeff and I CAN agree on, though, is that Sara Moulton, with her prepackaged creations of crap, is the devil.

    Alton Brown is the absolute best, though. Good Eats should win Emmys. It's one of the best shows on television.

  2. I have to say that after that Times article, I like Rachael way more. I used to just watch her to make fun of her- and I still do make fun - but now there is some affection and maybe even admiration mixed in. I think I might want to be friends with her, actually.

    Alton Brown, on the other hand, is SO annoying. That voice. Ugh. That VOICE!


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