Flowers, dildos, and vibrators: oh my!

I've never played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (though I am thinking of picking up The Warriors, if only for the Coney Island scenes), but I have no doubt that this walkthrough for the in-game girlfriend system is completely serious and probably quite useful.


  1. Pretty funny. And true to the real world. I particularly like these two tips:

    One very important thing that you should never do on a date is abuse the girl. This means hitting her or shooting her with any weapons. If you just hit her once, the date might not immediately end. However, shooting the girl or beating her repeatedly will instantly end the date. Either way, your relationship will go down considerably. All of the girls can take quite a few hits, including multiple headshots from various weapons. However, they can die, and if kill a girl through abuse, she will no longer be your girlfriend.

    In my experience, kissing usually causes a negative change in relationship, whether it was a successful kiss or not. However, it seems that if you give the girl a gift first and then kiss her, you should get a positive relationship change. So if you're going to kiss, give her a gift first.


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