In a Time Trap

I usually know what time it is, time being a thing of mine. The West Coast trip--the California leg of which I am concluding as I wait in line at the Oakland airport, waiting to begin the Seattle leg--has thrown my internal clock off, and last night's end of Daylight Savings has led to a grand total of a four hour swing. Fortunately, Mike and Anna normally go to sleep and wake up four hours earlier than I do, so it worked out pretty well. Scott suggested that next season's 24 should be set on the last Sunday in October, leaving the door open for a surprise extra episode during sweeps' month. Scott counts 24 as one of his addictions.

I'd like to blog about the maple syrup smell in New York City last Thursday night and Friday, but I didn't smell it myself Thursday night and I left Friday. I can't even link to articles about it from my cell phone, but go to Google News and search for "maple syrup new york". It's incredibly odd.


  1. built to spill. nice


  2. Y'know, the 'wav mentioned this to me too, and I waved it off. Then SNL had a terrible sketch based on it and I remembered him mentioning it.


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