Despite my oft-stated ambivalence towards Google's growing grasp on all electronic information, specifically information that can be tied to individual users, they keep coming out with new shit and I keep blogging about it. (This is, I believe, how White House pool reporters feel.)

Google Video is their new video player and search tool. They've signed deals with some mainstream content providers to host digital versions of short films and telly shows, but the bulk of the content appears to come from individuals with video cameras and a desire to share (and even charge for) kinetic versions of their lives. I was looking around yesterday for other places to host videos on behalf of some of Sheryl's friends, and there doesn't appear to be many other options, so I guess Google is filling a need. In any case, stay tuned for Willow St. Production's Bed, Bath & Betrayal, a forthcoming release on Google Video.

The other new Google product of note is Google Reader, an RSS/Atom feed reader. I already use NetNewsWire on my Mac for feed-reading, and can't recommend it enough. (Safari 2.0 also has a built-in RSS reader that I don't use.) Still, there are times when I'm not at my Mac and would like to get a snapshot of what's new with all the blogs I follow, and using a web-based reader gives you that flexibility. I don't particularly care for the Google Reader interface, as it consists of slowly animated JavaScript for the sake of flashiness, but I'm sure they'll continue to improve it. If you don't already use a feed-reader, I suggest trying something out, especially if you read a bunch of blogs. 34's Atom feed is and my Flickr photo Atom feed is if you're looking for content.


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