Bunny is Missing!

Halloween in Seattle was a low-key affair. Scott and Rachel had a bowl full of Reese's which went almost entirely unused–the only trick-or-treaters were two kids dressed as "gangstas" in white wife-beaters and bandanas. They got a lot of candy.

Before the evening we went down to the downtownish area, mainly to stop at the Elliott Bay Book Co., but also to see the Pike St. Market and such. The book store gave us the biggest halloween feel; several customers were in costume, including a fairly convincing The Dude (El Duderino) in bath robe and sandals. Scott wanted to approach him, and it seemed like kismet when we found this book on a display shelf–cover up the "Lake" and, well, it would be a perfect thing to bring up to a Lebowski. But I didn't, and Scott didn't, and Rachel certainly did not, so that was that.


  1. Did you play Tecmo Bowl when you were there?

  2. When I was at the bookstore? No.


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