A hotline, a wanted ad

I'm sitting in the Sea-Tac airport, waiting for my Song (now Delta, I suppose) flight back to New York. I don't think that I can get a full six hours out of the book I brought with me, The People of Paper, so I purchased a magazine for the ride.

I have a New Yorker sitting in my apartment, I assume, so I didn't go for that. Rachel subscribes to Time, and I've been reading that in their breakfast nooky-nook each morning. Newsweek just seemed declasse. I ended up going with The Economist.

I don't read The Economist on a regular basis, but whenever I do I immediately turn to my favorite section, "Executive Focus". This is a couple of pages of large, detailed classified ads in which government agencies try to recruit economic officials. The Economist is a British publication, so all the phone and fascimilie numbers are all cool and foreign. This week's issue, for those aspiring economists who haven't picked it up yet, lists opening for a Senior Economist for the Sultanate of Oman, Head of Department Strategy and Policy Formulation for the Syrian Development Association, and Senior Wheat (2) and Maize (1) Breeder Positions.


  1. I also pick up The Economist when I fly, because I love the snarkiness of their editorials. Also, they actually do cover international news. On Sunday flights that's important because the newspapers I buy basically pick up truncated stories from the Sunday Times and I would hate to spoil it, when the story is waiting at home.


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