In which I am a further shill for Google

Yes, I go on and on about how Google is going to own all the information everywhere and we might not like what they do with it, et cetera. And yes, I still use most of their stuff, from my Google Mail account (hidden behind my forwarding address) to Google Maps to Google Talk to Google News to, obviously, their search engine (Google Google? Google Search?). And Blogspot. And I've thrown up some Google Ads, because–why not?

Like Blogspot, Google Analytics wasn't developed in-house, but is instead an example of what you could buy when you have a couple of billion dollars cash on hand. 34 is by no means a commercial enterprise, and Google Analytics is geared towards tracking vital statistics for websites run as commercial enterprises, but even if you've got a lowly blog it's worth using for the sophisticated traffic analysis tools. Much more advanced than what I get with the little SiteMeter web bug at the bottom of the page.


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