What I did on my autumn vacation

I've taken the opportunity to redesign the layout a bit, as promised. The byline's been moved to the top, which should be helpful if you can't figure out whether it's me or Sheryl who's writing about educational publishing or ninjas. I also changed the font.

I am hoping that this proves to be terribly contentious.


  1. Well, someone who only had your welfare at heart might just check up in a non-threatening way to see if you meant to have your by-line indented, but such a person would probably keep the question to themselves just to avoid starting any shit.

  2. Yes, the indentation is indentational. Or at least intended.

    When I saw your clever nom de poulet I initially thought it read "U.S. Chickens" and I had the Department of Agriculture at my ass over an avian flu post or something.


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