Alpaca attacka

34 loves alpacas, because, c'mon, what the fuck? Billy Wagner, the Mets' new closer, loves alpacas as well:

Billy Wagner raises alpacas. It is a restful hobby for a relief pitcher. These cousins of llamas are gentle souls that want nothing more than to graze peacefully.

Caring for 38 alpacas is a fine counterpoint to Wagner's main occupation, that of relief pitcher...

...Before any zoning boards in Westchester or Connecticut become too nervous: the Wagners are leaving the alpacas back home in Virginia.

If the Mets' win the Series next year, which honestly isn't that far-fetched, the one thing Wagner needs to make sure of is to keep the herd away from his championship ring, or an alpaca is bound to eat it.


  1. I could do a lot of better things for the world with $40+ million dollars than pay someone to pitch one inning every few days.


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